Daily Rituals

Great infographic post at infowetrust via the Huffington Post and macademic that shows the daily ritual of interesting historical figures. Smoking, coffee and beer appear frequently.

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Lost in this Beautiful World

Lost in this Beautiful World

I have been enjoying the album Lost in this Beautiful World by Jon Lacey. It’s a melodic piano and guitar driven folk album with an authentic feel, partly due to the raw quality of Jon’s voice. The songs are introspective and engaging.

I discovered Jon’s music while searching for recordings by one his collaborators on this album Tom McConville. We saw Tom play at the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis during our last visit to England in October 2011. It was fun night with a small enthusiastic crowd of locals and the odd traveller. His playing adds haunting depth to some of the albums best songs.

Tom McConville & David Newey at the Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, October 2011

When it comes to downloading music I usually find eMusic has the best deals. The album is also available from Amazon, using iTunes Match I upgrade the MP3’s from eMusic to Apple AAC files.

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Models for Decision Making

I like this introduction to decision making techniques at Creative Market.

“Some decisions appear to be relatively straight forward until you take a step back and look at the entire picture with a fresh perspective. You may notice that there are a variety of factors that actually impact a choice or decision that you did not notice before.”

The post also features a nice mind map example from Learning Fundamentals focused on personal actions for reducing climate change impacts.

Global Warming Mind Map

I find the iPad an ideal tool for mind mapping especially with the power of iThoughtsHD.

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Overcoming Obstacles

This inspirational talk by Nick White at the Wellington Ignite Conference gives an insight into what its like for an avid public speaker to overcome head and neck cancer and the loss of his voice.

via Presentation Zen

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Solvay Conference 1911

Mark Bernstein: Going To Conferences

Bernstein illustrates his argument by describing the photo below, which brought to my attention that so many these famous scientists were contemporaries.

There’s a picture in the lobby of the Hotel Metropole in Brussels of the attendees at the first Solvay conference in 1911. Madame Curie is sitting next to Henri Poincaré; they’re both examining a paper and it’s more interesting than the group photo. Behind them, a shockingly young Al Einstein is paying more attention to the photographer. Nernst is there, and Rutherford, Lorentz, Planck, de Broglie, Brillouin, Langevin…

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China’s Rising Soybean Consumption Reshaping Western Agriculture

Disturbing article by Lester Brown on the PRI website

“..Put simply, saving the Amazon rainforest now depends on curbing the growth in demand for soybeans by stabilizing population worldwide as soon as possible. And for the world’s more affluent people, it means eating less meat and thus slowing the growth in demand for soybeans…”

Where was once pristine Amazon rainforest, soybean harvesters<br />
march across the landscape instead

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Living with introverts – An illustrated guide

Insightful guide to living with an introvert, rings true and definitely worth a look.

How to Live with Introverts by =SVeidt on deviantART

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Depression and Getting Help

This article was linked by Macdrifter overnight and, as is often the case, Gabe has come up with gem. It’s by Rob Delaney a US comedian, reflecting on his depression and the importance of getting help. Read it here.

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New Listening

Hundred Dollar Valentine by Chris Smither

I first heard Chris at the Blue Mountains Music Festival a few years ago, and I’m excited to see he is coming back again this year. We loved his music and went back to see his show again the next day. This new album is excellent.


Van Morrison – Born To Sing : No Plan B

I have nearly all of Van’s albums and this continues his return to form after a bit of a slump a few album ago. Full of lyrics inspired by the Global Financial Crisis and Van’s usual theme’s. There is a stronger Jazz flavour than he’s add for a while and the album features some great sax and plenty of horns.


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The failure of International politics

Stirring writing “After Rio, we know. Governments have given up on the planet” by George Monbiot in reaction to the collapse of the Rio Summit. He still finds reasons to continue to make efforts towards preserving the biosphere. Its clear however that we cannot look to governments and international agreements to do anything significant.

Was it too much to have asked of the world’s governments, which performed such miracles in developing stealth bombers .. global markets and trillion-dollar bailouts, that they might spend a tenth of the energy and resources they devoted to these projects on defending our living planet? It seems, sadly, that it was.

Monbiot pledges to focus on “rewilding” which I am also keen to work on.
Another thinker in this area is Paul Kingsnorth who discusses in this article why he started the Dark Mountain project. Dark Mountain is in the last throws of raising money for its third anthology of writing, illustration and prose. I bought the first book and have ordered the third, its good reading and thought provoking. Check it out here

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