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Bookmarks for August 1st through August 5th

These are my links for August 1st through August 5th:

  • Cover Crops Solutions Chart - Explains why an “untidy” looking garden is less work and will have healthier soil.

  • Resurrection Men - Usual great writing from Monbiot as he brings some common sense to the de-extinction conversation while also making a plea for the much more urgent cause of preserving and nurturing the environments of species that are endangered today.

  • Famous Writers’ Small Writing Sheds and Off-the-Grid Huts - Its time I made some progress on building something like this.

  • You Call That a Roof? - I enjoy pictures of peoples home made houses. The Shelter books by Lloyd Kahn provide one of my favourite browsing experiences

Bookmarks for July 3rd through July 11th

These are my links for July 3rd through July 11th:

  • Peak Water: What Happens When the Wells Go Dry? - All over the world irrigators are pumping water from deep acquifiers that will not be replenished through rainfall. When these finally dry up a crisis of water shortage will occur.

  • None the Wiser by Chris Wood - Here is an album review really works for me, by relating a personal account of her experience of seeing the musician and then exploring his new album. Sold.

  • Storm in an iPhone - An incredible review of a new iPhone app and a fascinating introduction into the world of recording natural soundscapes. Full of interesting links and side tracks. The type of post that makes RSS so valuable.

  • Peak Timber - Interesting reflection on the investment properties of wood

New Maker Video - We should build mandolins

Here is another beautiful video celebrating craftsmanship.

It features Tom Ellis who started building mandolins from his rural workshop in late 1970’s. Tom has recently relaunched his instrument line in collaboration with Pava one his co-workers.

The video was produced by the Fretboard Journal a very high quality magazine that features stories and photo’s about guitars, players and makers.

Permaculture and Online Learning

After years of exposure to Permaculture and having spent several years a decade ago implementing a disparate set of its common patterns at our previous property in Northern NSW, I am now taking a much deeper dive into it after enrolling in Geoff Lawton’s Online Permaculture Design Course. Its been running a few weeks now and my partner and I are both finding it a revelation. So many concepts and themes that we had previously read about but not really understood are suddenly making sense. Geoff’s an excellent teacher and the online format works perfectly for a couple of introverted types. We can take our time and review material as we go.

There were elements of classic internet marketing1 wrapped around the promotion of the course that had me a little worried, those concerns have proven groundless and I can understand that using the marketing approaches that work makes sense when your goal is to get this material out to the widest audience and in a sustainable way.

As a taster, check out this video Absolute in Abundance, they will want your email address however if you are at all interested in this stuff you will get a steady stream of really good links and content as a result.

I would highly recommend that anyone who has been interested in doing a PDC but not found the time or the right teacher consider taking one of Geoff’s courses.

Meanwhile, check out the many videos and resources that are freely available at the Permaculture Research Institute. The links to several excellent related documentaries can also be found here. The site is an aggregator of several of my favourite authors including George Monbiot who has a new book - Feral - A manifesto for rewilding the world.

Surfers interested in Permaculture should enjoy this chat with Geoff about the links between surfing and permaculture.

You know the style - “..wait there’s x$ value free..etc” ↩

Jean-Nicholas Gerard - A Potters Potter

Goldmark have produced another fascinating “day in the life” video, this time featuring French potter Jean-Nicholas Gerard who makes beautiful slipware pots.

Although these videos are obviously produced to promote the artists ahead of upcoming exhibitions at Goldmark, they are in themselves a tremendous service to the ceramics community. The gentle pace and broad scope allow the viewer to be transported into the rhythm of these artists lives.

Why have Enterprise Architecture ?

Mastering Archimate has worked with T36 in the creation of an excellent video that shows why Enterprise Architecture is important.

Lost in this Beautiful World

I have been enjoying the album Lost in this beautiful world by Jon Lacey. It’s a melodic piano and guitar driven folk album with an authentic feel, partly due to the raw quality of Jon’s voice. The songs are introspective and engaging.

I discovered Jon’s music while searching for recordings by one his collaborators on this album Tom McConville. We saw Tom play at the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis during our last visit to England in October 2011. It was fun night with a small enthusiastic crowd of locals and the odd traveller. His playing adds haunting depth to some of the albums best songs.

Tom McConville & David Newey at the Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, October 2011

Get the Album from iTunes

The Way of the Megapode

I am with but she’s a girl, being a fan of Douglas Adam’s book Last Chance to See. As I am also in interested in scripting and other geekery, this post hit all the right notes.

Our local Megapodes are known as Bush (or Brush) Turkey’s and can destroy a productive vege path in seconds.

Models for Decision Making

I like this introduction to decision making techniques at Creative Market.

“Some decisions appear to be relatively straight forward until you take a step back and look at the entire picture with a fresh perspective. You may notice that there are a variety of factors that actually impact a choice or decision that you did not notice before.”

The post also features a nice mind map example from Learning Fundamentals focused on personal actions for reducing climate change impacts.

I find the iPad an ideal tool for mind mapping especially with the power of iThoughtsHD.